Destiny Support 5th Anniversary

Destiny Support held their 5th anniversary event on 12th November 2014 at the Copthorne Hotel to 
celebrate  the success of a wonderful team and big hearted people who have dedicated themselves 
to helping others – volunteers, session workers, directors, professionals giving us support, community 
leaders, the press and partner organizations all attend here to witness the fruits of all our collective 
efforts. We started off thinking we would party with 30 people and but over 100 people attended and 
wanted to join the fun!

We were delighted to have His worshipful The Mayor of Slough, Councillor Shafiq Chaudhry , Slough MP,
 and our Guest Speaker and supporter Fiona Mctaggart, Simon Bowden, Superintendent Local Police Area 
Commander and his deputy Chief Inspector Gavin Wong, Deputy Commander - Slough Police Area. 
President of Slough Rotary club, Mary Abraham, representatives from our event sponsors and all our 
distinguished guests. 

5 Year Anniversary