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Engagement And Access

Destiny Support researched and developed a service to support the under-represented and ‘hard to reach’ client groups living within the community in Slough.

An initiative to ask why some people living in the community are not accessing mainstream social or support services was carried out in 2009. The barriers were: -

•           Free phone numbers (clients without a landline cannot make this call as mobile phones charge for this service)

•           Log on to: www… (lack of technology knowledge or access to internet)

•           Transport & finance (Lack of finances or means to get to where the services are)

•           Language (English not being most clients’ first language) and  lack of reading or writing skills

•           ‘too much paper work & information’ including filling out forms

•           Treated as numbers – lack of empathy or listening skills by other service providers (staff too busy)

•           Signposting clients to other services without following through

Whilst we had a set of core services that we set out to deliver in our business plan, when we actually started operating, we remained very fluid wanting to see what people came to us for.