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"Brilliant help with form filling and an excellent advisor" 

"The staff are helpful, give you advice, listen to you professionally and I am very satisfied. The staff at parent partnership know how to work and stand with you until your issues are resolved."

"I came to Destiny Support and Parent Partnership as I had heard from them at Special Voices and I needed help with finding schools and housing. The staff and volunteers at Destiny Support understand you more and they support you with what your needs are."

"My wife and I attended confidence building workshops and IT training at Destiny Support where 1:1 support made it easier for us to learn. My basic IT learning journey helped me pass a test which means I am now qualified to work in the construction industry. I had attempted the test before but because I did not have computer skills, I failed. My confidence is growing through learning and Destiny Support Staff have helped me with job searches, applications and CV writing. Destiny Support offers more than training and has also supported my family with :-

• Finding schools for the Children
• Applying for a bus pass for the children
• School uniforms and basic items
• Help in managing Finances
• Accommodation
• Applying for the right Benefits
• Filling out forms and many more

Our eldest daughter Luisa started working at Destiny Support as a volunteer for 7 months where she gained work experience and training. She has since moved onto full time paid employment. We feel relieved to know that we have Destiny Support there to help us and guide us through whatever problems we might have in the future. Thank you Destiny Support for being our right hand”

Mr & Mrs Guzman, Slough

"Hi my name is Phil, I was a taxi driver. I have been suffering from a bad back for about three years so I have been unable to work so many hours.  I have bulging discs and trapped nerves. I also lost my contract with the council. I used to take special needs children to all different schools and units and I did this for about 25 years but the council no longer wanted individuals to do the runs so they got operators with big fleets to take over. I was asked by one of these to do a run but they wanted such a big cut that it was not worth it so I earned less and less money. I also got face and neck cancer and lost my home, family and friends because of no money, transport etc. I went to Beach Head and was looking for the best place to jump so as to not hit the side so I would not just injure myself. This chaplain was told I was up there; he came up and talked me down. Later, I came back and lived in my car for a week but then ran out of fuel. I could not see any point in living so I went to the train station to throw myself under the fast train. I was sitting there then realised the fast line had been called off so I left. 
The police had been told I was missing so found me sitting on a bench by the town hall. They picked me up and took me to my doctor who got in touch with the crisis unit at the council who gave me some food and temporary accommodation, then a flat in Windsor. I was given a new doctor who has been so helpful and put me in touch with Talking Therapies. He also put me on medication for depression and sent me to hospital for a cancer operation and for an MRI scan. I am having treatment for my back, they say they can help but not cure. 
Talking Therapies then put me in touch with you; Destiny Support as I was feeling overwhelmed and I had no one to talk to about my debts and how to move forward. I just needed someone to talk to and help sort out problems I could not face. Without this help from Destiny Support and Mide, combined with Talking Therapies and my doctor, I don’t think I would still be here today. Also I have been to a Thursday morning meetings which I have enjoyed helping at. I still get some down days but have been able to cope with the support from Destiny and others.
I would just like to say a big thank you to Destiny Support and Mide who I was given as my keyworker, but I am sure any key worker in Destiny would have done an equally good job, but I found dealing mainly with one person helped me to keep coming back more easily.
I had not heard of Destiny Support before so I think more of your leaflets should be left in easily accessible places like supermarkets, church notice boards etc. I would be happy to help distribute some, also to doctors’ waiting rooms and charity shop windows."

Philip Healey