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Carrie's Feedback

"I am very grateful to you and Destiny Support for all the opportunities and the trainings provided to me. It has been a huge learning experience for me on both personal and professional front. I feel very proud of being a part of DS for all these years. 

I would like to drop by to meet you and the rest of the team and to return my ID pass when I feel a bit alright before my travel. Also, I would like to volunteer with DS again in the future once I am back here in the UK.

I really look forward to working with you again in the future. "  


Testimony by Carrie Raffert
Dear Sue & Faith & all the wonderful staff I have met through Destiny Support.
You’re very thoughtful, so just had to put pen to paper to say thank you ever so much. It’s a year ago I came through the doors as a very unconfident person, but today I feel amazing, happy and strong and professional. I have met so many people and clients I have bonded with; it makes me smile every day. So thank you Destiny Support, thank you Parent Partnership, thank you Dayo and thank you every day for making me feel welcome. Will never forget Destiny Support. God Bless all.

Testimony of Jay Waas
Hi Sue,
I want to thank you and Destiny Support for providing me with almost 3 years of training and experience of working for a charity as a volunteer. I also received a lot of certificates from outside agencies for training courses and I really appreciate the training received whilst at Destiny Support. I wish you and Destiny Support all the best for the future in carrying out the outstanding work that is done in order to help those in need.
You & DS definitely deserve praise and thanks from me and also most people in Slough for the help you & DS has provided to vulnerable persons in the community. And I was fortunate that you took me on and was able to give back my experience and knowledge whenever it was required. 

Thank you very much again.
Yours sincerely
Jay Waas
Volunteer Coordinator

Testimony of Ajay Sandal

Hi Sue, I am very well. I recently made my Linkedin and I'm really happy to have found you! I just wanted to say that I am grateful that I was able to contribute towards Destiny Support's objective and I will never forget the place because it was where I started my career. I am truly thankful for all of your help!

Ajay Sandal